About Me

This is the dream I’ve had since lunch and I’m not giving up now.

Michael Scott

View More: http://elizabethwithers.pass.us/internet-formattedI am not a writer. Sometimes I misuse there, their, & they’re. I use way too many commas and most of the time I have run-on sentences. I often make up my own words. I struggle with coming up with catchy post titles and blog names (note that my blog is self-titled). So, why would you read my blog?

I am a wife and dog mom. I am a portrait and wedding photographer, aspiring fashion photographer. I believe that love is truly what makes the world go round. I have an odd obsession for serial killers and gore. I love diversity and the uniqueness it brings to life. I am a terrible singer but I always perform like I am Whitney Houston when I am alone. Shopping is my therapy. My life goal is to help women love themselves.



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