I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in Richmond, Virginia as Johnny is attending his 6th psychiatry residency interview. If you were to ask me where I wanted to live after Johnny finished medical school 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have answered Lexington.

For the longest time I believed that to be successful you had to move away from your home state. What I have found is that to be successful you have to believe in yourself and work extremely hard. It doesn’t matter what your address is, you can be successful wherever you are. Now that leads to the big question, where do we go?

For a while we thought moving away would be the best thing for us. Sometimes life is hard and all we wanted to do was run away from our problems. 2016 was a terrible year but 2017 has turned out to be a really good year. My business has doubled. Johnny has found something he is passionate about in medicine. I have stepped outside of my very guarded shell and made really great friends. We are happy. Which makes the idea of leaving Lexington very difficult.

I’m not sure where my business will lead in the next six months or where Johnny and I will be living. But there is something invigorating about the uncertainty of the future. In March we will find out where we will be going. We are excited for our next adventure whether it be staying in Kentucky or moving to a different city or state.

2018, here we come!


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