When I was in middle school my favorite things to wear were my black patent leather sneakers with a thick wedge and Mary-Kate & Ashley blue cream eyeshadow. As I got older I started conforming more to how other girls my age dressed. I wanted so badly to be accepted and liked by my peers. I would even wear clothes I hated just to fit in with my friends. I was terrified of letting people really know me. Impressing my peers wasn’t my only struggle. I had to look like these photoshopped girls in magazines with perfect hair, abs, symmetrical boobs and huge butts. No matter where I turned I had someone or something telling me I wasn’t enough.

You would think now that I am almost 25 years old that I would be able to like myself and stop caring about what the people around me think. As I have gotten older the beauty standards have changed. Now there is the pressure of having surgery to fix everything about you that isn’t perfect. Lips too thin? Lip injections. Butt too flat? Butt implants. Stomach too big? Tummy tuck. The list goes on and on. I’m not saying that having elective surgery is wrong. If you feel better about yourself that is wonderful, but what happens when you find another thing you dislike about yourself. You can only alter your body so much before you lose yourself.

Here is my question for society, when am I going to be enough?


I will never be perfect. I will never look like a model in a magazine. That is a hard pill to swallow but instead of beating yourself up about it might as well embrace your imperfection!

Sometimes the best cure for an unhealthy relationship with yourself is finding contentment.

So, here we go:

Self-Love Goals:

Goal #1: Step outside of your comfort zone. Wear that crazy dress you’re always too afraid to wear in public. Go bra-less! Whatever it is, just do it!

Goal #2: Get that fun hair cut you’ve always wanted! Hair grows back.

Goal #3: Post the selfie. If you are feeling like a goddess POST THE PICTURE. Who cares what people think.

Goal #4: Compliment other people. I think we often forget that everyone is insecure. Even the most beautiful person has flaws. Self-love isn’t only about your outward appearance, being kind is good for your soul!

Goal #5: Compliment yourself. This sounds super weird, but instead of looking in the mirror and saying everything you hate, find one thing you like about yourself. Even write it on your mirror.

Do you accept the self-love challenge? Do it with me using #dearselfchallenge and tagging me on Facebook.


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