Me, Myself, & I

I am a portrait and wedding photographer in Lexington, Ky.

I have been married for 3 years to my college sweetheart. He is my best friend and the best person in the world.

I went to Asbury University where I majored in Art.

My husband is in his fourth year of medical school. He is going to be a psychiatrist!

I am a dog mom to a perfect german shepherd mix.

I am an avid animal lover.

I have a beautiful niece named Gwen, she is the most precious little girl in the world.

When I was in elementary school I told my friends to call me AshDog.

I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers in high school. I went to 16 concerts and met them twice. It was an unhealthy obsession.

My papa is the longest reigning mayor in the state of Kentucky.

I am addicted to sweet tea. If you are from the south, you know the struggle.

My biggest fear is sharks. They are terrifying monsters. ‘Nough said.

I love going to the movies. My husband and I go almost every week!

My dream job is to be a fashion photographer.

I am a shopaholic. It’s a problem.

Bingeing on Netflix is my all time favorite thing to do. Anything about serial killers! Send me suggestions!

My favorite food is buffalo wings.

The Beatles are the best band in the universe. That’s a fact.

My mom is my role model.

I have two little brothers. They are my favorite people.

I love to make women feel special and beautiful.

I have one tattoo that says “beauty from ashes.” I have a list of about 5 more I want to get!

I really enjoy making lists, if you can’t already tell.

That’s a little about me!


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